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      Whats the difference between a home radio and a mobile radio?


        The main products in the walkie-talkie market include home wireless service (FRS) walkie-talkie, personal mobile wireless (PMR) walkie-talkie and mobile wireless (LMR) walkie-talkie.Among them, FRS mainly faces the consumer market.Other products occupy the professional market.At present, manufacturers have been trying hard to improve the quality of communication products, reduce interference, develop multi-functional products, such as: waterproof, shockproof, integrated radio and GPS functions, and so on.

        At present, in the market, transmission distance to 5 km, power in the 4W to 5 w walkie-talkie is very popular.In addition, people want products that are easier to operate, and voice control is another selling point for the new walkie-talkies.